he United states has the highest rate of teenage pregnancies in the developed world, discussion help

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The United states has the highest  rate of teenage pregnancies in the developed world.Despite a rapid decline in the last 15 years , it still remains a big source of concern because 34% of teenage girls in the U.S. are becoming pregnant at least once  before the age of 20.(Abma.J.C et al,2002).Teen mothers function less than their non-child bearing peers,they have more psychological problems and they are likely to have children with low birth weights ,their children also have  a higher risk of suffering from neglect and child abuse and most of the time these children receive less  medical care because the mother does not  have medical insurance. 

   The risk factors to adolescent pregnancies can either be individual, social or familial.On an individual level it can be lack of knowledge about sex or contraception use,drug or alcohol use,ambivalence about having a child,having sex at a young age or being the victim of sexual abuse.Socially it can be peer pressure to have sex,dating older guys, dating at an early age or having friends who are already sexually acrtive. At a family level it may be due to poor parental supervision,poor familial relationships, adolescents from single parents families or family history of teenage pregancies.

  The two resources are:

  i) North Dakota Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Grant-they work to prevent teenage pregnancy and spread of sexullay transmitted infections among adolescents by providing comprehensive sex education and abstinence eduacation.

  Contact: (701)-231-8045

  ii)The Perry Centre-provides services to single and young pregnant women experiencing unplanned pregnancies in a residential setting.


As of 2014 , the North Dakota teen birth rate was 23.9 births per 1000 teen girls(15-19 years).Since 1991 the teeth birth rate has declined by 33%.The teen preganncy rate has fallen steeply also.As of 2011( the most recent data) the rate was 40 pregnanies per 1000 girls(15-19 years). The rate has declined by 31% since 1988.(The National campaign, 2016).

  The reason for the decline is unclear but researchers think its a combibnation of less sex and more contraception use.There are lot of contraceptives in the market and the teenagers have a wide variety to choose from.Another aspect might be the introduction of quality sex education in schools.