HE 551 Theories of cognitive development Presentation

During these past two units you have learned about several theories of cognitive development: Perry’s Theory of Intellectual and Ethical Development, Women’s Ways of Knowing, Baxter Magolda’s Theory of Epistemological Development, and King and Kitchener’s Reflective Judgment Model. In this Assignment, you will demonstrate that you know and understand how the theories are similar and different from one another. This Assignment also gives you the opportunity to practice your presentation and teaching skills.


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Imagine that you are teaching a seminar on cognitive development theory for a group of undergraduate students. You do not have a lot of time, and keeping the participants’ attention is crucial to helping them successfully comprehend the material. Theories are not very exciting to begin with, so you are challenged to make your presentation exciting. You have decided that getting up and talking to the students about the theories is out of the question, so you have decided to create a multimedia presentation to demonstrate the important facts about the four theories.

Develop a Microsoft® PowerPoint presentation for your seminar that addresses the following elements (15-20 slides):

  1. Research methods used by the theorists
  2. Basic elements of the theory
  3. Applicability of the theory
  4. Limitations of the theory

Remember to include title and reference slides. Format your references according to APA style, 6th edition.