Harvard case “why is the NFL’s brand more valuable than ever?”, business & finance homework help

  • read the Harvard Case, “Why Is the NFL’s Brand More Valuable than Ever?” ( in the attachment )
  • Find information on your own you can apply into the analysis
  • Answer these questions comprehensively and thoroughly. Be prepared to discuss them in class.
    • Why does the NFL capture more of the public’s attention and dollars than any other sport?
    • Why are sponsors so willing to invest so much in the NFL (sponsoring stadiums, buying ads, developing promotions and contests)
    • Describe in detail the factors that contribute to the brand equity of the NFL. Describe and discuss recent trends associated with the NFL.
      • Trends in Revenues
      • Trends in Royalties from licensing deals
      • Trends in Cash Flows
      • Estimates of the Annual Growth Rate for the next decade
    • Discuss the concept of brand equity, how brand equity is created, and the ways in which brand equity benefits a company.
      • Choose any other company (not necessarily in sports) and describe recent changes in their brand equity, based on the factors identified above)
    • From the list of Recent Scandals associated with the NFL, select 2 recent scandals that affect in some way your perception of the NFL.
      • Describe the extent to which the scandals you chose are likely to make you or your friends less likely to view the NFL favorably.
    • Discuss the scandal that recently affected Volkswagen dealing with their falsifying emissions reporting. Discuss how that scandal damaged the brand’s sales, stock prices and brand value.
      • Discuss why the NFL seems to not suffer brand damage from its scandals while other brands are hit so hard.
    • Discuss how the public’s fascination with and involvement in sports betting may be fueling the NFL’s growth.
      • Describe potential dangers the league could suffer from a potential sports betting scandal.
        • You might want to search for the Chicago Black Sox Scandal.

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Discuss whether you believe it is a good strategy for the NFL to embrace or tolerate sports betting, given the potential risks.

* You should use more than two sources