Group Presentation (25%)

Task: As a group, consider the following situation: Your group is the Guiding Coalition of a large-sized business based in a major hub in the United States. Your group has been selected to lead a major change that will influence the entire company. Using Kotter’s conceptual change management framework, determine and explain the various phases and activities that you plan on implementing in order to successfully navigate through that major change (SLO 4.1, 4.2, 5.1, 5.2).

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I found this on youtube , he basically has some informations! we can organize it , because our group will follow this video as well !

So this is group project , we need to using the Kotter’s 8 step model apply to Uber and I am taking care the step 1 to step 4

We don’t need to turn into the paper , only presentation so basically I only need a speaking notes for my part to present it

I think only one page to two should be enough ! ❗ Please using simple word to express , I will be speaking on the note

❗ On the step 3 , we need to give number of strategies to apply the Uber’s facing problems ( Free to use Bullet point )

Please start this assignment as soon as possible , we have one day only , I can’t use internet until late afternoon so I want to make sure everything is clear

Thank you

Useful link:….