Grievance Arbitration in United States of America Questions

Labor Relations

  • How does grievance arbitration in the United States of America (USA) differ from that in other countries? Select a country to compare to the USA.
  • Respond to at least one of your classmates. Which system do you think is better — the US system or the system from the other country described in your classmate’s post?
  • Support your answer with at least one quality source


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  • Discuss three (3) legal and three (3) ethical considerations that you deem most important to your company or organization when forming a strategic alliance with a supplier.
  • Explain which one (1) of the evaluation methods in Chapter 13 is most appropriate to use by a small business. State your rationale.
  • Describe the strategic technology-based alliances of Amazon or Dell Computer eStore, and describe the competitive advantage to both and/or multiple businesses of the alliance.