Glossary Definitions on The Reformation

About This Assignment

This glossary will be a class-wide effort over the course of the semester. Between the beginning of classes on March 9 and the end of classes on May 3, each student in this course will be expected to contribute 3 unique glossary entries based on vocabulary you encounter in your readings and lessons. No duplicate terms will be allowed: in the case of conflicting terms, whoever posted the term first will receive the points for it.

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Each glossary entry must include the following information:

  1. A full and complete definition of the term, in your own words. Simply copying a definition from another source will not be accepted. Aim for 1-3 sentences.
  2. An indication of where the term is discussed (in the readings, lessons, or both). This is to help your classmates find the term for further information on it. Include a page number, lesson page title, author, etc. as needed to provide clear directions.
  3. An explanation of why the term is significant for understanding the history of the Reformation period. This may be tricky, but do your best to explain how understanding this term will help us better understand what was happening in this period of history.
  4. Your name, somewhere on the page, you I can give you credit for your work.

I have provided example entries for “blood-libel” and “conciliarism” so you can see what a successful glossary entry might look like.


You will receive 5 points per glossary entry for a maximum of 15 points for the semester. The entries will be graded as follows:

Criterion Points
Definition is correct and complete 2 pts
Student clearly indicates where the term can be found 1 pt
The significace of the term for Reformation history is well-reasoned and correct 1 pt
The entry is free of spelling and grammar errors, and includes student’s name 1 pt
Total points possible 5 pts

NO LATE WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED. You have the entirety of the course to complete this assignment. Plan your time accordingly. Partial points may be given at my discretion.

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