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Global Business Plan

The course project is to complete the elements for a Global Business Plan using the templates that are part of the Global Business Plan Project as a guide. There are 16 total templates, with specific templates that can be completed each week if you wish so you aren’t rushing at the end of the semester to write this term paper. Examine the startup costs for your global business and available global financing sources, as well as ways to manage the financial and business risk. Also consider the best organizational structure for your global business and the optimal global management information system. Analyze the marketing environment for your product or service and the human resources necessary to execute your global marketing plan.

The templates will guide you through the processes of formulating a global business plan for either the expansion of an existing product or service into a new country or a new foreign business opportunity.

Select a product or service and a country for the project.

Refer to the Global Business Plan Project document for detailed instructions on this assignment.

Continue building your global business plan each week by

Completing the following modules:

  • MODULE 1: Identifying Global Business Opportunities
  • MODULE 2: Analyzing International Competition
  • MODULE 3: Assessing the Economic-Geographic Environment
  • MODULE 4: Assessing the Social-Cultural Environment
  • MODULE 5: Assessing the Political-Legal Environment
  • MODULE 6: Selecting a Global Company Structure
  • MODULE 7: Financing Sources for Global Business Opportunities
  • MODULE 8: Creating a Global Management Information System
  • MODULE 9: Identifying Human Resources for Global Business Activities
  • MODULE 10: Managing International Financial and Business Risk
  • MODULE 11:
  • MODULE 12: Designing a Global Distribution Strategy
  • MODULE 13: Planning a Global Promotional Strategy
  • MODULE 14: Selecting an International Pricing Strategy
  • Write at least a 5-page plan to direct the marketing of your product or service and personnel needed for the success of the plan based on the information you used to complete the sections of the module templates.

    All papers should be constructed in accordance with the APA standard and Writing Style Guide for Student Papers.