Geography extra credit, writing homework help

Students – For a maximum of up to 10 extra credit points, write a 2 page (double-spaced) paper on “The Geography of the Maritime Shipping Industry”.

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Although maritime shipping is the most cost-effective method of transportation of goods, it is also the slowest. Think about how the clothes you are wearing today got here to the U.S. stores from whatever country they were made in. Did they come through the Panama Canal?

Here is a Wikipedia entry on maritime shipping to get you started thinking about this topic. However, do not copy or even paraphrase from this resource. Go to another (primary) website for your information.

Have fun with the topic – I’m pretty open to what you want to include in the paper as long as it’s written well and is about geography!!!

Grammar and spelling count towards the grade, so be sure to run the spellchecker and/or have someone review it for you before you submit in order to ensure you earn maximum points.

Be sure to include your information source URL and date retrieved at the end of the paper!!