1. Christianity, Judaism, and Islam (Abrahamic religions) – are similar faiths, but are contrasted often with faiths more common in East Asia, such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and Shinto. Explain why these faiths are often contrasted with Abrahamic faiths, and discuss similarities you can find with all of them.

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2) China and the United States are different countries, and much has been made of this in the recent years. Do you believe China and the United States are destined to be rivals, partners, both, or neither?

3) Looking back at the world in, say, the year 1000, you’d never guess that it would have been European cultures that would have become the head honchos of the world. China or the Middle East would have likely been the best choices. What was it that made the West come to dominate the economic and cultural rhythm of the world? Do you think this cultural and economic hegemony is breaking down (or has already broken down)?