GB530 Unit 3 Discussion

Market Segmentation Decisions

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Introduction: Connecting with the best target market segments is a constant marketing challenge. Many companies understand how to use the marketing mix, American Express™, AT&T™, IBM™, Apple™, Southwest Airlines™ are a few examples. VALS™ is a well-known psychographic classification system. VALS is a tool used to explain the relationship between personality traits and consumer behavior. VALS uses psychology to analyze the dynamics underlying consumer preferences and choices.


  1. Review Table 9.1 in the Kotler and Keller text: Major Segmentation Variables for Consumer Markets.
  2. Go to the Strategic Business Insights website and take the VALS survey. Retrieved from
  3. Discuss the following questions with your colleagues in the Discussion area below.
    • How does knowing the customer drive business success?
    • How would you evaluate VALS as a method of market segmentation? Share your own VALS survey results and if you thought the outcome accurate.
    • What types of products do you think would be most helped by VALS?
    • Could VALS be used to market globally? Include a relevant quote from your Kotler and Keller textbook.