Gantt Chart

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Every engineering project requires a thoughtful work schedule and plan in order to be successful. Project plans generally show available resources, including people and materials, and a precise timeline that demonstrates the steps necessary to get the job done by a predetermined project due date.

A Gantt chart is the primary tool that allows engineers to not only keep track of project progress but also to demonstrate to stakeholders that work is being accomplished and that the project is on-track. See the description of Gantt charts at (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Gantt charts for major engineering projects generally are created by Microsoft Project, Merlin (for the Mac) or some other commercial software program. Frequently professional project managers are hired to identify project resources and benchmarks, but sometimes Gantt charts are created by the engineers working on a project.

Gantt charts are visual in nature and, depending upon the level of sophistication required, can automatically detect and prevent scheduling and resource conflicts (i.e. the same engineer may not be working at two different worksites at the same time).

Even if you do not develop Gantt charts during your engineering career, you will need to know how to read and interpret the project information contained on Gantt charts. Creating a Gantt chart, in fact, is a type of engineering communications that is required for many reports and will be an element of our upcoming class Proposal Project.

Assignment Goal

Our goal for this assignment is to create a Gantt chart for the work we will do for Major Project #2, the Proposal Project. This Gantt chart–revised to reflect your current status–also will be included as part of your Proposal Progress Report, due at the end of Week 8.

So . . . Your completed Gantt chart will be delivered

1. Here, for this Assignment

2. In your Proposal Progress Report

3. In your Final Proposal Document


Create a Gantt chart that visually describes your plan for completing the Proposal Project on time. Remember, the ending date for your chart should be the due date for our Proposal Project Assignment. You should begin the Gantt chart timeline as of the date of this week’s assignment posting, as that’s when you will begin your work on this project.

You should consider documenting such benchmarks as:

  • identifying a research topic
  • doing some preliminary research on the Web or in the library
  • finding appropriate graphics, charts, and images to make your proposal visually appealing and informative
  • completing and posting this Gantt chart assignment
  • completing your Progress Report by the due date
  • writing a first draft of your proposal
  • revising your proposal
  • submitting your final proposal for grading

Remember, this is only a suggested list of benchmarks. Read the Proposal assignment and other associated assignments carefully to identify other possible benchmarks. Your goal is to structure your time in such a way as to break down this project in steps that will lead you to your goal of on-time submission.


Here are some resources to consider while working on this assignment. Remember, this is only a suggested list; you may find similar resources on your own and you are welcome to use them for this project.

Create a Gantt Chart Using an Open Source or Commercial Software Package

GanttProject Software – Open Source for PC and Mac (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Create a Gantt Chart Using a Spreadsheet Program (Excel)

Gantt Chart in Excel – Video

Making a Gantt Chart with Excel (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.Making a Gantt Chart with Excel

Gantt Chart Template (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Create a Gantt Chart Using a Web-based Application

Gantter (Links to an external site.)