Games and Cognitive Abilities Playing Smart


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Chapter 2 of Playing Smartby Julian Togelius, “Do You Need To Be Intelligent To Play Games?” If you don’t have a copy of the book yet, Prof. Togelius has kindly allowed me to share a PDF can be seen attached from his author proof PDF.


Choose two games(computer game of video games) not already mentioned in this chapter, which you think pose an interesting challenge of some kind. Answering the title of the chapter, do you need to be intelligent to play them? (Of course, since this class is called AI & Games, where this is leading is: what, if anything, would it show if you built an AI player that played this game well? You don’t have to answer the AI question yet.)

Specifically, look at Table 2.1 (p. 19) listing cognitive abilities according to Cattell-Horn-Carroll theory. Which cognitive abilities are needed to play each of the two games you chose? Does it differ if I ask about just playing the game at all, versus playing it well?

In the written response, make a list of bullet points under each game with the cognitive abilities you think would be necessary to play it (or to play it well, if the answer is different). Briefly explain why. 12 times new roman