Fundamental knowledge of information systems and technology issues, assignment help

Q1.  Pho_r_us has just started a website and they are getting 500 hits per day. This is not satisfactory based on industry standards. They revamped their website and are now getting 5000 hits per day. This, however, has not increased their web sales. Pho_r_s web site is

  A)  Both efficient and effective

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  B)  Efficient but not effective

  C)  Neither efficient nor effective

  D)  Effective but not efficient

Q2.  Each team has only one home stadium and each stadium can have many home teams. This is an example of what kind of relationship between STADIUM and TEAM?

a.  1:1

b.  1:many

c.  Many: many

d.  None of the above

Q3.  What are project deliverables?

  A)  A temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product or service

  B)  The application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities in order to meet or exceed stakeholder needs and expectations from a project

  C)  Any measurable, tangible, verifiable outcome, result, or item that is produced to complete a project or part of a project

  D)  Represent key dates when a certain group of activities must be performed

.Q4.  Accounts_r_us provides payroll services to its clients throughout the world. On April 12, 2015 there was an earthquake that destroyed part of their headquarters in Los Angeles. They temporarily moved the employees to nearby San Diego facility which they also own. Employees were able to work normally at this facility right away. San Diego facility is most likely an example of a:

A.  Collocation Facility 

B.  Cold site 

C.  Hot site

D.  Warm site

Q5.  Data warehouses are  mostly used for

  A)  Operational decisions

  B)  Information scrubbing

  C)  Mid and upper level decision making

  D)  Transaction processing

Q6.  What is a Web site in which items are posted on a regular basis and displayed in reverse chronological order?

  A)  RSS

  B)  Podcasting

  C)  SEO

  D)  Blog

 Q7.  Finding patterns in large amount of data that are not immediate obvious is called

A.  data mapping

B.  data warehousing


D.  None of the above

Q8.  Which would be the best system development methodology for developing a web page for an e-commerce site?

  A. Waterfall

  B. Rapid Application Development 

  C. Extreme Programming



Q9.  What is the ability to purchase goods and services through a wireless Internet-enabled device?

  A)  Mobile commerce

  B)  Telematics

  C)  Electronic tagging

  D)  Radio frequency identification

Q10.  What represents a session where employees meet, sometimes for several days, to define or review the business requirements for the system?

  A)  JAD session

  B)  Business requirement

  C)  Requirements definition document

  D)  Sign-off

11.  Which of the following describes e-commerce?

  A)  Buying products from each other

  B)  Buying services from each other

  C)  Selling services to/from each other

  D)  All of the above

12  Strategic managers are the highest level of hierarchy and they prefer

A)  mostly external, detailed information

B)  mostly external, summarized information

C)  mostly internal, summarized information

D)  mostly internal, detailed information

13  Designing a standard inventory order system is part of the  system.

  a. Neural Network  d. expert systems

  b. decision support  e. executive support systems

  c. management information

14.  World_r_US has offices in Paris, Bangkok,  London, Dublin, Miami and Salvages. They want fully connect all sites. How many maximum connections are possible?

  A)  12.

  B)  15.

  C)  6.

  D)  None of the above.

15..  Which AI system can be “trained” to recognize patterns?

  A)  Expert system

  B)  Neural network

  C)  Genetic algorithm

  D)  Intelligent agent

16  .   The old system and the new system are run in tandem using the  approach.

  a. crash conversion 

  b. pilot 

  c. phased

  d. deferred

  e. parallel

17  . A(n)_________consists of a hardware or software designed to keep unauthorized users   out of network system

  a. encryption systems

  b. alarm system

  c. firewall

  d. ERP systems

  e. SDLC

18  Given the following relations:

  BOOK (ISBN#, book_title, author_ID)

AUTHOR (Author_id, author_name, Author_DOB)

what would be the FK (Foreign Key) of these relations?

a)  ISBN#

b)  author_name

c)  Book_title

d)  None of the above

19.  Manager of Giant store at xyz location orders Kellog’s Rice Crispy cereal every time quantity falls below 50 units. This is an example of:

a.  Unstructured decision

b.  Structured decision

c.  Semi-structured decision

d.  None of the above

20. An information system developed to handle crisis situation is called a (n)  system.

  a. accounting system  d. management information system

  b. transaction  processing system  e. expert system

  c. decision support system

21.  An ATM card is an example of which form of biometric security?

  A)  What you know

  B)  Who you are

  C)  What you have

  D)  What you can do

22  What technology are many organizations implementing to streamline supply chain management?

  A)  RFID

  B)  Biometrics

  C)  RFPC

  D)  Haptic interface

23.  K-Mart is using pay_r_us a payroll application on Amazon’s cloud services. This would be an example of 

A)  IaaS

B)  SaaS

C)  PaaS

D)  Grid computing

24.  Given the following relation

BOOK (book_ID, author_NUM, date_published). Assume a book can be written by only one author but an author can write many books. What would be appropriate primary key?

A)  book_ID

B)  book_ID, Author_NUM

C)  Author_num

D)  None of the above


25  What is a subset of a data warehouse in which only a focused portion of the data warehouse information is kept?

  A)  Data mining tool

  B)  Data mart

  C)  Data factory

  D)  None of the above

26. Sam’s website has 100,000 hits/week resulting in $4 average sales/hit.

  Jonny’s website has 25,000 hits/week resulting in $14 average sales/hit.

    Danny’s site has 450,000 hits/week resulting in $1.50 average sales/hit.


Which web site is generating least revenues?

a.  Sam’s

b.  Jonny’s

c.  Danny’s

d.  none of the above

27. XYZ wants to outsource its call center activities to BBY, a well known company in India. As discussed in the class video on outsourcing, which of the statement about outsourcing is true

a.  XYZ can never get economy of scale

b.  BBY may have many clients of different nature

c.  BBY can always provide custom-centric services to XYZ clients

d.  XYZ can not put resources on mission critical tasks if they outsource to India

Ques #2  .Discuss the following statements, be precise. Must relate to concepts in the book and/or lectures. Generic answers will not get much credit

(9 points)

a. Despite Giant Food’s best effort, they are noticing hackers are still breaking into their payroll system. They have heard of Intrusive detection and Intrusive prevention systems. What can they do to prevent and detect intrusion to their payroll system? Relate it to Giant Food Company. Generic answers will not get credit.

b. Expert systems capture human expertise. Will expert system be ever able to behave like experts? Why or why not? Give examples to support your answer.

c. How much should a business look into the background of employees to try to identify those with potential problems? What ethical issues arise in this situation?

Q # 3

Tom and Jerry own a small e-company that has state of the art IT department. The company sells customized household products and has presence on all social sites like Facebook Twitter, Flickr, Linkedin etc. There is lots of buzz but it is not increasing sales for Tom and Jerry. They recently heard of a new software  which can help them make sense out of unstructured data generated by these social sites. Software, however, is very expensive and Tom and Jerry cannot afford it.

(2 points)

a. What can they do to access this software so that they can analyze what their customers are discussing and demanding on these social websites? Outsourcing is NOT an option.

Q # 3A

(2 points)

b. Tom and Jerry are also planning to develop a supply Chain management (SCM) system in-house. What system development methodology they should use and why?

Ques #4  Identify and discuss four emerging technologies (as discussed in the class) that are performing several tasks for the following situation. Must discuss these technologies in relation to the case below (how technology is functioning and helping them in each case). Generic answers will not get much credit 

(4 points)

Ms Lin and Mr. Johnson are going to Paris . They are stuck in the traffic due to an accident and

will miss their flight on United Airlines. Recognizing this United sends them a message and alternate flights possibilities. Once agreed they arrange for an alternate flight on Air France. They arrive

at the IAD (Dulles international) airport and are directed by a voice to an empty space “3C” in the international parking lot.

They are cleared through the security by looking into the camera and proceed to boarding gate. They  speak their names and are informed by a voice about their seat assignment 5C & 5D and confirm upgrade. When they arrive in Paris they scan their ticket on a machine and  their luggage comes rolling in. As soon as they get their luggage their rental car is waiting at  the curb to  take them to their hotel.

Emerging technology One______________

(explain how it is helping in the above process)

Emerging technology TWO______________

(explain how it is helping in the above process)

Emerging technology THREE______________

(explain how it is helping in the above process)

Emerging technology FOUR______________

(explain how it is helping in the above process)

Ques #5

P & B is a defense contractor and every employee has to pass security clearance. They recently fired John Doe who they believe was copying sensitive data from their files. John claims he is innocent. P &B has quarantined his computer. They do find some altered file in their database but are not sure if John altered them. You are a Computer forensics expert and have been hired by P & B to investigate this further.

Identify the FOUR steps involved in Forensic investigation and how you will proceed in this case. Must relate steps to the case to get full credit. Generic answers will not get much credit.

(5 points)

Ques #6

Ques #6

Ben & Jerry’s, located in Waterbury, Vermont, produces 190,000 pints of ice cream and frozen yogurt daily to ship to over 50,000 grocery stores in the united states and 12 other countries.

Two tables from their product database are shown below. The field names for each table are in bold, and a few records are given for each table.


Ice_cream_type  price  years_first offered  total_sales


Vanilla  $2/scoop  1981  $45M

Cherry  $3/scoop  1976  $45M

Chocolate  $3/scoop  1981  $60M

Strawberry  $2/scoop  1961  $80M


Ingredient _name  Ice_cream_type  quantity_used


Vanilla beans  Vanilla  20 oz

Vanilla beans  Cherry  20 oz

Cherry pits  Cherry  20 oz


(4 points)

a.  Identify primary keys in these tables.  (1 pt)

ICECREAM table____________

INGREDIENT table __________________

Identify any / all foreign keys (if any)  in these tables  (1pt)

ICECREAM table____________

INGREDIENT table __________________

b.  Which field you would use to link the two tables  (1 pt)

c.  Draw and identify the relationship (1:1 or 1M or  m:n) between ICECREAM and INGREDIENT tables and justify it. (2 pt.)