For my yoga class

For this week please take note of your postural habits and write a brief description of them and your experience of working to correct them. Below are some prompts to help you write.

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  • What are some of your most obvious postural habits?
    • shoulders rounded?
    • torso slouching?
    • chin too far up or down?
    • toes pointing to the sides or turning inward?
    • hyperextending the knees?
    • head forward?
  • when do you notice these issues? (Is. When walking, standing or sitting?)
  • How does it feel physically to shift into proper alignment?
  • How does it feel mentally/emotionally?

Proper alignment

  1. Feet hip width apart, toes pointing straight ahead
  2. weight even across the foot
  3. knees unlocked, if bent toes point over 2nd toe
  4. hip bones straight across
  5. hip bone in line with lowest pelvic bone (arrow points straight down)
  6. 1st rib over lowest pelvic bone
  7. shoulders open and away from ears
  8. chin level with ground


feet, knees, hips, shoulders and ears in a straight line (from the side)