Follow the info in the box to develop a media plan for the project that i uploaded

Now that you have a good idea of the different media that can be used in advertising, develop your media plan for your project.

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To be included in your assignment:

  • A written rationale for the media strategy — explain the media choices.
  • A brief definition of target audiences (the market element) and the priorities for weighting them.
  • A brief explanation of the message and indicate which media types will be used and why (the media element).
  • Outline specific reach and frequency goals and how they are to be achieved.
  • Schedule of media including an explanation for the strategy. (Use the terms described in the book.)
  • Provide a budget for each medium including the cost of production and any collateral materials. This can be as a pie chart or table that indicates how the budget will be broken out. You should have provided some budget info in your brief last time, so check my comments.

For this written assignment, working with your team members, develop your media plan and budget. Be sure to refer to Chapter 14.