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1.. After reviewing the website, what information and resources will help you to give nutritional counseling to your patients?

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2.. Respond to one other students’ post.


After creating my account on and browsing the website I found very useful information and features that could help me and my patients. In one of the sections it talks about fruits, vegetables, grains, diary, and protein foods which talks about each of these elements. It explains why they are good for your nutrition and the daily amount you should eat or add to your daily nutrition, I find this very helpful because most people do not know how important and why it is always implemented to eat this types of food and with this feature we can not only telll the patients but also show them. There is also a section for different group ages, children, students, professionals and even families, it has articles with tips for a good nutrition, which is very helful for eberyone and fro each specific group. MyPlate Kitchen has many recipes, cookbooks, recipe videos that gives everyone ideas of healthy food making processes, not only for an individual but also for entire families. These and many more resources are found on this website which can help my patients and I to find a healthy nutrition