Flowchart and an Algorithm

Part 1: Creating a Flowchart and an Algorithm


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Bruce Williams wants to order a pizza for dinner from Silver Pizza, but he does not have the telephone number of the pizza company.

Based on the given situation, complete the following tasks:

Create a flowchart of steps necessary for Williams to find the telephone number of Silver Pizza and order a pizza for dinner.
Create an algorithm to support your flowchart as a list of steps with logic, if necessary.
Create pseudocode to support the processes for the given situation.

Describe your flowchart and algorithm and explain what is occurring within each. Please note that you do not need to write code at this point— just ensure the logic is correct.

Programming Project 2:

Build an undersea world that contains a clownfish and a shark. Build a swim() method that makes each kind of fish swim forward 1 meter in a more or less realistic fashion. Build a program containing a scene in which a shark chases the clownfish and the clownfish swims to its giant cousin, a clownfish, which chases the shark away.

What are some of the other methods listed in the Alice tool that you experimented with? Describe your experience with using them.
When you used the Turn and the Roll methods, what differences did you find?

  • Compile your answers for Parts 1 and 2 in a Microsoft Word document.
  • Support your responses with appropriate research and examples.
  • Cite any sources in APA format on a separate page.