fire hoarding

As a Fire Marshal, I have been asked to enforce fire code upon these people. After watching the video, do you think that fire personnel are the best people equipped and trained to deal with the hoarders. In my experience, many of the hoarders are very intelligent people. Additionally, if you see them at their job or in the public you would not know that they are hoarders in most cases.

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  1. In the case study, they used the Fire Prevention Division codes to abate the property. Do you think this is the correct way to abate the property?
  2. After watching the video, do you think that abating the property solved the problem?
  3. Who in the task force may be better equipped to deal with the hoarders?
  4. Go to YouTube and watch a video on hoarding? Do you think your fire department is equipped to deal with abatement of a property?