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Week 5, Discussion 2: Research Topic Worksheet

James Wilson

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Congratulations on finishing the book! It is now time to think about how you will use this book to write your paper. The assignment for this discussion topic is less formal than most of the posts so far this semester. Think of this topic like a worksheet to jot down your ideas. You may not have as much to say about some of these questions, and that is okay. Part of the point here is for you to notice where you need to fill in your knowledge with research. And your classmates’ posts will help you, too; this is a place to pool resources in preparation for Essay 4.

First, you will be required to join a group based on which topic you would like to write about in your upcoming essay. To join one of the groups, please follow these instructions: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Once you have done that, return to this topic and add a post that answers all of these questions (point form is fine!):

  1. Phrase your topic as a question:
    How is ________________________ perceived by commentators on both the right and the left in America? Is dialogue possible between these two points of view? How?

  2. What do you know already? What do you predict?Based on what you know already, or what you think is true, identify how you think liberals and conservatives view your topic:

    Conservative viewpoints (note form is fine):

    Liberal viewpoints (note form is fine):

  3. Share the most important passages in the book where you see your chosen issue come up. For example, which passages reference immigration? Which of these passages are most revealing? List these out. You can just briefly summarize important passages, or you can include direct quotes. Notes/point form is fine. Include page number references so that others can find the passages.

  4. In addition to the information in the book, do you need more information about how your topic is viewed by conservatives? What sources will you use? Be specific. Week 4, Discussion Topic 1 could be useful to you, here.

  5. What sources will you use to find information about how your topic is viewed by liberals? Be specific.

  6. How will an academic article help you in your paper? Will it give you background information on your topic? Will it give you historical information? Will it tell you scientific facts? Or? Try to be as specific as you can. What search terms will you use?

  7. Finally, looking at what you have so far, is there dialogue possible between liberal and conservative points of view? How? Write a few sentences describing what you think you will write in this portion of your paper.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Once you have entered your own answer, respond to ONE other post with another healthy paragraph. What have you learned from this post? Validate what you find interesting about what they say, then add something to their analysis. What do you think they should think about as they write their paper?