Find ads that utilize the techniques of contrast and novelty, marketing Questions help

Question 1

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Find ads that utilize the techniques of contrast and novelty. Give your opinion of the effectiveness of each ad and whether the technique is likely to be appropriate for the consumers targeted by the ad.

Question 2

Augmented reality (AR) applications may reach the level of sophistication where we observe almost everything through the screen of our smartphones in order to receive an “enhanced” experience. Do you view this as a positive development or a problem? Support your opinion with why this is significant to modern consumer marketing. AR can add value to a consumer’s experience by allowing consumers to apply an additional layer of data/images to their existing views, which can deepen the consumer’s understanding of the product/product features. Marketers can use this additional layer to provide customized products and/or promotional offers. However, AR can also serve as a distraction from the real-life sensory experience and may result in information overload. When responding to your peers, consider optional processes for enhancing the consumer experience.

Question 3

Many of you have items (pens, T-shirts, coffee mugs, product samples) that bear the logos of branded products you do not use. At a concert you may have received a free sample of a soft drink or a snack food. Perhaps on your last airline flight, the flight attendent announced that on that day a certain brand of coffee would be served. Discuss with your classmates some of the ways you have interacted with brands, both those you use and those you do not use but with which you are familiar. Identify several brands that you do not use. What is it about the product, price, distribution, or promotion of those brands that keeps you from using them?

Question 4

Make a trip to a chain grocery, drug, or general merchandise store. After selecting a product category (e.g., cereal, pain relievers, storage containers), find that section in the store and review the products offered. How are they alike and different? What efforts can you identify that appear to be manufacturer-generated? How about retailer-generated? For those that are retailer-generated, what role do you think the manufacturer played in the retailer’s actions? What attracts you to certain products and why?

Choose one brand you like, one you do not like, and one you have no strong feelings for one way or the other. Identify your perceptions of each brand. Next try to determine where those perceptions came from.

Finally, how do they influence your thinking about purchasing (from) the brand? Assuming you are the target market (provide a one-sentence overview of yourself as such) explain what you think about the company’s choices in its marketing efforts on behalf of the brand. Provide a commentary on your store visit.

1 pg Each APA Style