Finalize the dissertation

Can you please revise chapter 1 and chapter 3, then put all the chapters into one final version. My supervisor already gave comments and something to edit for the Chapter 1 and chapter 3, please follow the comments and revise. And I think it only has 12,007 words, when you finalizing it can you add some more words? Thanks. My supervisor provides feedback and comments on how to modify them. Please also make sure each chapter’s research question is same.

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Can you also write illustration and abstract part.

The term ‘illustration’ refers to all tables, maps, plans, graphs, diagrams, photographs. The list of illustrations should provide number, title, and page references. This usually appears on a separate page unless included in the table of contents.

All dissertations must include an abstract. This should be undertaken when the dissertation is otherwise complete. The abstract should precede the introduction so that the reader/examiner can quickly see what the text is about prior to more detailed reading. Typically the abstract defines the problems the writer sets out to solve, the main procedures adopted, and the principal results and conclusions; it should occupy a single A4 page, and can be single-spaced.