Final Version Essay

this is the final version from last work, fix what is needed to be fixed from the feedback,

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Please see my notes on what you need to add for the next draft in terms of both higher order and lower order concerns.

Higher order concerns

Your introduction needs to better set up what the issue is on this topic, what common ground that the two stakeholders have, and what compromise you will propose for them to reach.

Your compromise needs more research to let the reader know how these groups will find common ground.

Lower order concerns

APA/MLA Style and formatting issues. Review a resource such as Purdue OWL for help in this area.


you need to be more specific about what the actual compromise is between the stakeholders and how it could possibly come to fruition. This needs to include research and cited source material to show what each stakeholder would gain and also give up in order for this compromise to be viable.

You have a mix between MLA and APA style. You must pick one and stick with it throughout the whole paper. Since most of the citations and reference page appear in APA format, you need a cover page.