Final Reflection-English 102

Your final essay will discuss your overall experience with writing in this course, including developments in your writing/academic identity and how you can continue to develop your writing from this course in future courses. Below are three big ideas you should discuss, with some specific questions to help you address those big ideas.

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  1. What goals did you set for this course and how well do you think you achieved them?
  2. Which weekly writing/researching exercises exercises were the most helpful in understanding course material? Which writing exercises were the least helpful ones? How could they have been more helpful?
  3. What are your attitudes now about writing as opposed to your attitudes at the beginning of the course? How will your experiences with writing in this course help you in other courses?

Your essay should be 1000 words and in APA format, and it should clearly demonstrate all good writing strategies we’ve dscussed in this course through coursework, discussions, course readings, instructor/peer feedback, etc. It should also clearly demonstrate your understanding of and ability to craft a thesis statement; to create effective paragraphs, introductions and conclusions; to utilize transitions; and to pay keen attention to academic voice issues. If you use any citations, please provide a reference list. You do not need an abstract.


Grading Rubric

Your assignment will be graded upon the following criteria: Each criteria have a specific point value (see criteria) and will be graded as either exceptional, satisfactory, needs improvement, or unsatisfactory. Each assessment level provides a percentage of the points possible to earn (e.g., an exceptional focus, purpose, or thesis might be worth 90% of the 30 points possible to earn, which equals 27 points). It is possible to earn exceptional in one criteria (e.g., an exceptional focus, purpose, or thesis) and earn unsatisfactory in the other criteria (e.g., extremely limited vocabularly)






Needs Improvement




Focus, Purpose, or Thesis

(30 Points)

Engaging and full development of a clear thesis as appropriate to assignment purpose Competent and well developed thesis; thesis represents sound and adequate understanding of the assigned topic Mostly intelligible ideas; thesis may be weak, broad, or only indirectly supported Ideas are simplistic, showing signs of confusion, misunderstanding, of the prompt; thesis is essentially missing or not discernable

Ideas, Support, and Development

(30 Points)

Consistent evidence with originality and depth of ideas; ideas work together as a whole; main points are sufficiently supported with evidence; support is valid and specific Ideas supported sufficiently; support is sound, valid, and logical Main points and ideas are only indirectly supported; support isn’t sufficient or specific, but is loosely relevant to main points Lack of support for main points; frequent and illogical generalizations without support

Organization and Paragraphing

(30 Points)

Organization is sequential and appropriate to assignment; paragraphs are well developed and appropriately divided; ideas linked with smooth and effective transitions Competent organization, without sophistication. Competent paragraph structure; lacking effective transitions. Limited attempts to organize around a thesis; paragraphs are mostly stand-alone with weak or non-evident transitions Organization, if evident is confusing and disjointed; paragraph structure is weak; transitions are missing or inappropriate

Audience, Tone, Point-of-View

(15 Points)

Clear discernment of distinctive audience; tone and point-of-view appropriate to the assignment Effective and accurate awareness of general audience; tone and point-of-view are satisfactory Little or inconsistent sense of audience related to assignment purpose; tone and point-of-view not refined or consistent Lacks awareness of a particular appropriate audience for assignment; tone and point-of-view somewhat inappropriate or inconsistent

Sentence Structure (Grammar)

(15 Points)

Each sentence structured effectively, powerfully; rich, well-chosen variety of sentence styles and length Effective and varied sentences; errors (if any) due to lack of careful proofreading; syntax errors (if any) reflect uses as colloquialisms Formulaic or tedious sentence patterns; shows some errors in sentence construction; some non-standard syntax usage. Simple sentences used excessively, almost exclusively; frequent errors of sentence structure

Mechanics and Presentation

(15 Points)

Virtually free of punctuation, spelling, capitalization errors; correct APA format Contains only occasional punctuation, spelling, and/or capitalization errors. Few formatting errors. Contains several (mostly common) punctuation, spelling, and/or capitalization errors. Several errors in formatting. Contains many and serious errors of punctuation, spelling, and/or capitalization; errors severely interfere with meaning; formatting weak.

Vocabulary and Word Usage

(15 Points)

Exceptional vocabulary range, accuracy, and correct and effective word usage Good vocabulary range and accuracy of usage. Ordinary vocabulary, mostly accurate; some vernacular terms. Extremely limited vocabulary; choices lack grasp of diction; usage is inaccurate.