Final Projects Power Point/ Paper

Company is CHICK FIL A Country is INDONESIA

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Your final project consists of creating a presentation that highlights the challenges of expanding your company into a new country. The following criteria must be included:

  1. Background of company and of country
  2. Cultural influences on business
  3. Economic and legal influences on business
  4. Political and government influences on trade/business
  5. Involvement in international organizations
  6. Importing/exporting strategies
  7. Recommendations: Do you recommend expanding into this country? What would be the most effective plan of action for your corporation to expand?

PowerPoint templates:


You may use either of the links:

Small MS WORD Business Template 1,

SBA Written Online Business Plan Template,

This link will take you to an SBA (Small Business Administration) Internet page that list many of the Small Business Administration Resources. In developing your Business Plan and managing your business you will find the information contained herein valuable. You will need to use the free log-in locate the Business Startup template and begin. You can save it as often as you would like. When done or nearly done you can download it to MS Word and finish making adjustments. Remember you will need to include in this Written Business Plan Template and any others that are provided all the key points of the assignment by modifying the template.

Or you may utilize a business plan template that your have researched.

Your paper has to be at least 8-10 pages in length, must be written in a full APA format, and must contain at least ten references