Final Project Essay

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Topic: Your client just got a large account and needs to upgrade their network from the ground up. They are currently running a 4 node token ring peer to peer network. With this large account, they need to upgrade to an Ethernet network. They need 12 client computers, a file server, and a print server. Price out everything for this. You will need to list what client computers, why, along with what networking hardware you decided they should use, and why, give the cost per piece of hardware include everything but the networking cable. Don’t forget the switch, printer and server, along with everything else. 


Upgrading to Ethernet network with 12 client computers 

Requirement and budget

Network hardware 

Network adapters also referred to as network interface cards which are used to connect computers to network so that they can be able to communicate.

Ethernet hubs

These are also known as multiport repeater which amplifies the signal as it passes through it.


These are special types of hubs that offers an additional layer intelligence to basic physical layer repeater hubs. Switches repeats the incoming data frames only to the computer to which a frame is addressed. This helps in speeding up the network and reducing congestion. In budgeting for the switches you can go for Cisco switches like WS-C2960-24TT-L which will only cost you $527.00. This cost effective. (Francini, 2012, March).


These are network devices which are used to extend or segment networks by forwarding packets from one logical network to another.  This may cause you approximately $500


These are devices that makes it possible for computers to communicate over telephone lines. These will be connected either internally through the expansion slots or externally to the computers serial port by an RS-232 cable. I budgeting for modem you should go for standard modem that will cost approximately $200.

Network cables 

Network cables connect computers to each other and other related hardware such as hubs, routers and network adapters. For this case you will require Ethernet network adapter for each computer that is 12 network adaptor cables, one Ethernet cable for each computer and other hardware devices. This may not be expensive as such because it majorly depends on the length. For this case it may cost approximately $50

Client computers

Careful selection of client computers is needed here. You should not go for third party RDP clients which are reverse engineered, which may cause incompatibility problems and slow down performance.  For this case we will go for Windows XP service pack 1 which will enable auto reconnection.

File server

The file sever which is a hardware used to provide file handling and storage functions for multiple users, will be Sun Microsystems. This is because storing files on this server saves multiple copies stored on individual computers. This will help in economizing space and also will ensure easy administration and updating of files. This server may cost approximately $250



Zhang, Bockelman, Carder & Tannenbaum, (2015, May). Lark: Bringing Network Awareness to High Throughput Computing. In Cluster, Cloud and Grid Computing (CCGrid), 2015 15th IEEE/ACM International Symposium on (pp. 382-391). IEEE.

Yahyavi, & Kemme, (2013). Peer-to-peer architectures for massively multiplayer online games: A survey. ACM Computing Surveys (CSUR), 46(1), 9.

Francini, (2012, March). Selection of a rate adaptation scheme for network hardware. In INFOCOM, 2012 Proceedings IEEE (pp. 2831-2835). IEEE.


Using the prepared outline above the essay need to be in the following format 

Length must be 2000 words and double spaced 

Margins need to be 1 inch on all sides of your paper, indent half-inch.

Spacing is as follows; double spaced for normal text, single-spaced for long quotes, single space for references.

Font size should be 12 Point, Times New Roman

Format your paper in APA style.