Final Examination Answering four questions

Do 4 of the following questions in 4 different essays ( can be in one document).

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Note: some of them need require a book. I recommend you to do 2,3,4,5 as they don’t seem to require a book

1. Explain what John Paul II means by indirect employer and responsibilities an indirect employer has.

2. Is Kelly right when he says that technology follows universal rules to a predetermined end. Explain the process through which this happens or flaws in Kelly’s thinking lie.

3. Compare the Amish way of life to our own. What are the strengths and weaknesses to each culture?

4. How have social networks affected us for the better or the worse?

5. Do some research on the law before Congress to end net neutrality and then the consequences if that law is passed.

6. Analyze the role story plays in Wolf in White Van.

Answer 4 questions in short essays of between 300 and 400 words apiece.