Final Exam Review

In 500 or more words review the live theatre production you saw this term using everything you have learned in Theatre Appreciation. Use the terminology from the text book and the questions below as a guideline and add some of your own.

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1. What type of theatre was the play presented in and why did it work for the particular play.
2. What was the spine of the play – the super objective? Was it clearly shown to the audience?
3. Acting – were the actors believable? Did any actors have physical attributes that added to their characters?
4. Name the protagonist in the play and define his/her main objective
5. Describe the sets – what mood did they portray? Was the mood appropriate for the play?
6. Did the costumes give you a sense of the characters? Did they show time and place?
7. Describe the lighting that was used – what mood did it set? Was the mood appropriate for the play?
8. Were there sound effects and were they effective for the play?
9. Describe the whole experience from buying your ticket, the parking, the ushers, the playbill, etc. Did your experience add to the play or detract from the play?
10. Of the various styles of theatre you studied this term from Greek to Modern, does this production draw from any of them?