Fictional Universe Cultural Profile

1. Choose a fictional universe with which you are very familiar, not something fictional happening in the real world. So, Star Wars or Game of Thrones is a good choice while Twilight is not. Other good choices include Hunger Games, Divergent, and Star Trek. The list is long. If you aren’t sure, shoot me a text!

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2. Break down that universe’s culture into the components of culture from Chapter Two: material culture (technology, tools, clothing, food, etc.) and nonmaterial culture (values, norms, beliefs, language, etc.).

3. Just make a list of cultural attributes of your chosen universe. For Game of Thrones you have multiple cultures to work with. All good authors craft complete cultures to make their characters more believable and the world one that the reader will love or love to hate.

save this as a copy

In a new document —- For that same universe, continue by listing the structural attributes of that universe. The social structures are in the file attached below