​Fictional Character Analysis and Conceptualization

Fictional Character Analysis and Conceptualization:

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For your final paper, you will engage with a fictional character, exploring how you would interact with that individual in therapy.

The fictional character can come from a book or TV show (watching a minimum of 1 season).

Your paper should include a summary of the character’s development in the book/TV show.

Provide enough of a summary so that someone who has not seen the show or read the book can have an adequate understanding of the character. You should discuss how you would assess this character, using two assessment measures.

Include cultural limitations/considerations with those assessment measures.

You should provide a provisional diagnosis for the character, providing justification for your diagnosis. Include any cultural limitations to the diagnostic system.

You should explore how therapy could unfold, including any relevant potential transference/countertransference reactions.

This section should include the use of a theoretical orientation and how you would infuse multicultural counseling practice into this orientation.

Provide at least three citations to articles discussing how to infuse cultural competence into your chosen theory.

Also provide a conceptualization of the client and include at least one cultural identity model. Include how you would utilize consultation/supervision in your treatment of this character.

Finally, discuss any relevant ethical issues relating to the client. A rubric will be provided on Blackboard for this assignment.

As the last day use present day for past tense

Define all terms that you will use in the paper

Use the name of the character in the paper.


10 pages.