Festive essay

You are required to write a 1500-word research paper on a major event. This assignment is designed to test your ability to understand and apply theoretical frameworks in the context of major events.

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Event: Songkran festival (Thailand)


– The paper must be written in the third person, with an introduction, a main body and a conclusion

– The paper requires the following to be taken into account:

-a background/history of the event

-the experience and meanings attached to the event

-the principles of sustainability – giving equal attention to socio-cultural, economic and environmental aspects

-both the positive and negative impacts and outcomes of the events (both short term and long term & before, during and after the event)

-the impact on different types of stakeholder (who benefits and who loses out?)

-theoretical frameworks from related fields of study are encouraged – eg. tourism, management studies, anthropology and the social sciences in general all provide fertile ground for your exploration

– Provide in-text referencing and reference list, using APA referencing style

– At least 8 references from scholarly/academic peer reviewed journal articles from the year 2013-2017


Just to add on, for the references, these are some journals that you can use:

• Annals of Tourism Research
• Event Management
• International Journal of Event and Festival Management
• Journal of Convention and Event Tourism
• Journal of Service Management
• Journal of Sustainable Tourism
• Journal of Travel Research
• Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing
• Tourism Management