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Each team member is required to write a minimum of 3 pages singled-spaced, 12 Fonts for this project! Therefore, each Semester Project must a minimum of 15 pages for the written portion.

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That is 3 pages per student. There are 5 students which equals a minimum of 15 pages

Each student must use a minimum of 3-4 references. There must be an appendices listing all the references.


  1. Introduction/General information on the company, including the company’s background, history, when did they start? Who is the CEO? Where are their headquarters located? Etc.
  2. Identify current marketing objectives and goals of the company. State the marketing objectives that your company would like to attain over the next 5 years? Discuss some key issues that the company will do the achieve these goals. Remember that a marketing objectives can be a statement of what is to be accomplished through marketing activities: For example, a company’s goal may be to achieve a 15% Market Share over 6 months period. 3.Are there any “customer loyalty programs” in place with this company? And if so, please discuss.4. Pricing Strategy: How is your product/service priced? High-end, upscale, discounted, etc?5. How has the company developed their customer relationships management plan? Or What has the company done to ensure that they have created an outstanding customer relationship management program with their consumers? Give examples. Remember customer relationship management is perhaps the most important concept of modern marketing. Customer relations management is the overall process of building and maintaining profitable customer relation-ships by delivering superior customer value and satisfaction.6. Professionalism and Ethics: More and more companies are becoming increasingly interested in maintaining a sense of professionalism and upholding ethically values within the company. Many companies now have ethics officers for their companies. Does your company have an ethic officer?7. What are your personal future recommendations for the company?What can they do better?8. We learned about The Boston Consulting Group Approach. Their matrix defines four types of SBUs:
    1. Stars: High-growth market, high-share product

    2. Cash Cows: Low-growth market, high-share product3. Question marks: Low-share product, high-growth market4. Dogs: Low-share product, low growth marketWhere do you feel your company fits and why?