Exxon Mobil

This Powerpoint presentation must contain at least 7 slides, as follows:

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1. Introductory slide, in which you the corporation you are researching( Exxon Mobil )

2. Five more slides. Each of these slides should
show an image that relates to your topic. Two of these images must be
maps that help visualize how your corporation has “gone global.” The
remaining images may be charts, photos, or other visuals. You should use
text sparingly on your slides. One way to organize this might
be to have each slide/image relate to one of the themes from your
research paper. For instance, you might organize your slides this way:
a) history of the corporation, b) how this corporation went global, c)
labor issues, d) environmental issues, e) organizing in response. But
the main point here is to highlight what you found to be most
interesting, or exciting, or horrific, about this corporation — and
explain why. Feel free to include more than 5 slides here

3. A conclusion slide, in which you thank the audience, and list a few of the key sources you used for your research.