Extra credit Process Improvement writing

Most of you are not aware of exactly what a process is and this week you have to pick one that you will work on for the rest of the semester. This extra credit is to give you an example of how to think about process. The assignment has 3 parts and I want all three of them included in your paper.

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Part 1:

Sit down and list all of the steps you think you do when you are going to do your laundry. Start with making the decision to do the laundry and finish when all clothes are put away. List anyone else in your household (yes including your spouse or partner, or mom, etc. that may actually do the laundry) that needs clean clothing and make sure you include them as your stakeholders.

Part 2:

Do the laundry, even if it is not your normal at home job. And write down EVERY thing you do, no matter how small an item…think of it as a way for someone who has never done the job has to do it by following your written instructions.

Part 3:

Compare what you think you did, part 1 and what you actually did, part 2. What was different? How were the stakeholders impacted? What did you learn? This should be a couple of paragraphs.

Have fun with it…