Explain what you do Sociology Final Exam Paper

NOTE: For this question, explain what you do in your job, what qualifications are necessary for the position, and describe your relations with your supervisor(s), co-workers, and the public (if applicable). According to social psychologist Charles H. Cooley, the looking-glass self is “a self-concept derived from a social ‘mirror’ in which we can observe how others react to us.” In other words, the kind of person we are is intimately related to the ways in which other people interact with us and influence our behavior. (a) In terms of this perspective, how does your job affect your self-concept, and how does your self-concept in turn affect the way you approach your job? (b) How much autonomy do you have in your job, and how does this relate to the respect shown to you by other people? (c) What changes in your job — e.g., the responsibilities, benefits, and overall setting — might bring about an improved self-concept? (If you’re not presently employed, you may discuss a past job of yours.) (d) Describe an ideal job that you would like to have, and explain what you would have to do in order to get it.

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Job title: Residential supervisor

Summary: Supervisor in a group home for at risk teens who are heavily gang involved. My job is not only to ensure a safe and nurturing environment for these teens but also to help them with coping with everyday tasks that they have never encountered before; such as hygiene, professionalism, manners, positivity, etc. I am also in charge of direct staff who are also working with these teens, I help staff provide therapeutic and efficient solutions. This is a huge part of my relationship with the rest of the staff because of the differences that we might have when approaching circumstances like these.