Excellence in Leadership

Answer the following questions

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1. Why is it important to establish linkages between organisational objectives,

values and standards to the responsibilities of relevant groups and

individuals when setting goals in the organisation? 2. What is the relationship between media and language used when

communicating organisational mission and goals to staff? Give an example.

3. When there is a goal to achieve, explain the importance of stating

expectations clearly to staff in a language easy to understand to ensure

commitment to the given goal? 4. When an incident occurs in the organisation (e.g., accident, scandal),

explain why it is important to communicate results clearly to relevant

groups and individuals involved? 5. Discuss the importance of a. Leaders as role-models in the workplace

b. Workplace culture

c. Change management in the workplace

d. Workplace consultation and communication

e. Decision-making and risk management

f. Public relations

g. Business ethics

h. Leadership styles

i. Professional development