Evaluate how vaccines can be studied in the midst of an epidemic

Beside the reference page, I need 7 written pages about this question below.

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Vaccines are intended to protect against an infectious agent (virus or bacterium). However, emerging viruses challenge vaccine testing claims with exceptions because of the timing of the epidemic and its unexpected – unanticipated emergence. Evaluate how vaccines can be studied in the midst of an epidemic e.g. Ebola

This essay should demonstrate knowledge of the domain of clinical research: phase 1-3 trials, FDA approval, and the ethical norms of using human subjects in research, defined in the Common Rule. In addition, the standard of care for diagnosis and treatment may vary by place, dependent on resources available. Epidemics and emerging viruses create special circumstances because they are rarely contained in one geographical site, given the mobility of people in today’s world. Document your sources carefully and be sure to cite sources within the text of the essay. Proof your work and use spell check and grammar check to help with presentation. Clearly state beside your name number 1, 2 or 3 as the essay topic you have chosen. Give your essay a title which should be your thesis statement. Your essay will be 7-10 pages (double spaced, typed, 12 font) and submitted through chalk and wire for assessment using the rubric included in your syllabus.

It have to make thesis and make it as title

I need to explain the idea by two cases as examples.

I need at least 7 resources one of them from the book below.

I am international student, so I need simple words and terms.