Ethnography and Testimonio (Journal Response!) Proofreading the paper is written

– Women and Gender Studies

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I have to write a
journal response based on the readings I have attached. I have to focus
on one point and write about it. The point that I am mainly addressing
is how Gelles talks about hte challenges and misconceptions people have
about testimonio. But, I also did bring an example from the other
reading by Hecht. I just need you to proofread and edit (Because I don’t
have time and what I wrote is pretty bad but I basically just wrote
down what I want to say). Also, I bolded lot of the sentences because
it’s bad and weak and I definitely need you to fix that! Don’t worry
about citing the quotations because I can do that on my own.…

Above is the link to my document.. If you need a file let me know but I
usually write my stuff on google doc so I hope this is okay. Also this
is supposed to be INTERSECTIONAL APPROACH TO FEMINISM so please consider
that when editing my journal response. Thank you!