Ethics & Social Justice

For this Assignment, review the case study in the text, “Guerrilla Government
in EPA’s Seattle Regional Office.” Identify an ethical issue within this case
study. Consider the competing obligations and responsibilities that these
individuals faced and how they determined whether their actions were right.
Also, think about the impact of guerrilla government on the political
appointees,  organization, and public policy.

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The Assignment (3–4 pages in APA format): Your paper should
include the following:


  • A description of the ethical issue you identified in the “Guerrilla
    Government in EPA’s Seattle Regional Office” case study
  • A description of the issues the political appointees faced in this case and
    an explanation of federal ethics law violations
  • An explanation of why you think the career employees were motivated to use
    guerrilla tactics as a solution despite the risks to their careers (e.g.,
    competing obligations) and whether their choice of guerrilla action was
  • An explanation of how these actions affected the organization and public
  • A description of the actions leaders within the EPA might have taken to
    manage guerrilla government and an explanation of how those actions might have
    changed the outcome of the situation
  • An evaluation of  the potential lessons for public administrators and the
    importance of these lessons