Ethical Considerations in Managing Information Technology – 2

Ethics in Software Development: A Case Study Analysis

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Begin by reviewing the following detailed scenario, “Case of the Killer Robot”: Be sure to read all pieces of this scenario.

Then write a paper that includes the following:

  • An evaluation of the responsible parties in the death of Bart Mathews
  • A list of the ten most significant actions to take to avoid future problems
  • A discussion of how you would use the list to identify the most critical actions.

Your well-written paper should be 4-5 pages in length and formatted according to APA Guidelines. You should reference 2-3 scholarly references.


1. The Paper has to be written in a simple essay format with Introduction and conclusion (APA Format).

2. The paper needs to have proper in-line citations and references. Plagiarism is strict, so please ensure the references are maintained for every view point made.