Ethical Argument

Please write a argumentative Ethical Evaluative Essay in favor of weed and why it should be legal everywhere.

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Write an argument in which you try to change your readers’ minds about the value,

worth or ethics of something. Choose a phenomenon to be evaluated that is controversial so that

your readers are likely at first to disagree with your evaluation or at least to be surprised by it.

Somewhere in your essay you should summarize alternative views and either refute them or concede to them

Your essay will be written in MLA format. For this assignment, you must write at least a 5-

paragraph essay with an introduction, a body of at least 3 paragraphs, and a conclusion.

You must include a Works Cited page with at least 2 sources, but it may have more. These sources should help

to support and prove your thesis and topic sentences.

Length of this assignment is 1000-1250 words