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Ethic Writing Assignment

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This assignment must be two pages typed using Microsoft Word, one inch margins and double-spaced.

You are to locate an article that pertains to unethical behavior at a company. You cannot use the Enron case. You can use the ENRON case as an example of the type of article that is to be submitted.

1.Scan a copy of the article and include it with your document when you upload it in Blackboard.

2. The first couple of paragraphs will summarize your article and identify the unethical behavior.

3. The remainder of your article will pertain to the unethical behavior in the article. You will apply your critical thinking skills to address the unethical behavior in the article.

4. You should discuss what should be done to correct this unethical behavior and to how to prevent future behavior.

Points Assigned

20 – Scanned Article

40 – Content

40 – Writing skills