Essay : Writing a complete argument.

Writing a Complete Argument

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Taking a Stand

For the final of this

Essay , you will take a stand on the issue you debated in the draft stage. You will construct as persuasive an argument as possible. Follow the instructions for Writing Assignment 7 in our textbook (page 91).

The objective of this paper is for you to have the opportunity to formulate a thesis, to provide development and support for your ideas and to demonstrate your ability to structure a clear and effective essay.

You will need five (5) references for this assignment. To refresh your memory, see the section in the textbook for information about conducting research. The essay must conform to MLA format, be 5-7 pages of text and include a Works Cited page.

If you did not receive specific comments on your draft arguments, you received full credit and should proceed to “take a stand.” Be sure to utilize appropriate MLA format and proofread your final essay carefully.