Essay on a White paper

Task: In this paper, you will write a document that provides information that an audience can use to inform a decision. We have read various white papers in the class this semester. White papers can be any one of the following types:
o technical papers
o business benefit papers
o advocacy papers
o hybrid technical/business papers
The CANRIGHT document that is provided in the class describes all four of these types of white papers.
 Length: 2000-3000 words
 Graphics: at least three graphics, two of which have to be original
 Format in Citing and Listing Sources: APA
 Number and of Sources: at least five sources, at least one of which has to be obtained through OneSearch. Once you get a topic, just tell me and I will find a journal source on OneSearch for you. Attached are more details on the assignment and also three white paper examples.

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