essay about grandparents 5 pages double spaced

Interview an older relative (someone 65 or older).  Using the topic areas below, ask questions about their life histories. Good areas to focus on are their childhoods, Great Depression and/or war years (this will be different from person to person based on the relative’s age), rationing, relationship with parents, wedding, marriage, early family years, etc.  Be sure to include at least 10 of the following items regarding your relative:


1.            birth and infancy

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2.            early childhood (including earliest memories)

3.            type of parenting they experienced

4.            early environment (size/location of home, family practices, etc.)

5.            sibling experiences

6.            best friends

7.            school/peer experiences

8.            adolescence experiences, including dating

9.            college/other educational experiences

10.          work experiences

11.          marriage/raising children

12.          retirement

13.          particular life crises, if any

14.          personal philosophy of life


Feel free to make all of this up. Must be 5 pages double spaced.