EPC class

So I basically have to create a powerpoint for one of my classes. It has to be about 20 slides and it is not that hard. We have to observe a child that has special needs. The child has to be in Elementary school. We have to describe the child, name the child and talk about how the childs daily life goes. How the chid interacts at school and what does the child do that you think he has special needs? We have to talk about the child being autistic and how we know and how the child acts and how the child gets help for his autism. It will be easier if we describe the child as autistic because that is what the Professor is trying to see. By the way, you have to put yourself as the childs teacher/caregiver. Imagine that you are spending the whole day with the child and you describe all about it and mention activities the child does and how you help and all the good details. Also, below in the files section I uploaded a sheet that has a few questions on there as well that the Professor wants us to answer within the powerpoint. All those questions have to be answered somewhere in the powerpoint. As well as the childs name, siblings, language spoken, age and all that. (It goes very depth).

Also, can you please write a page of notes? The professor wants us to turn in just a sheet of notes in regards to the powerpoint. Just so I can read off the notes and turn it in at the end. It could be double-spaced and just a few paragraphs. It is basically the powerpoint put into a page of notes as well. Thanks, let me know if you have any questions.

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