english test on blackboard and homework


  1. Description

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    This quiz covers the model readings connected to writing the narrative.

    “The Red Chevy”–“Shame”– “Salvation”

  2. Instructions

    Read each question carefully. Please remember the following:

    • Spelling and Capitialization counts.
    • One word per blank for fill-in-the blank questions.
    • Use the correct form (singular, plural, etc.) of the word in order for the sentence to be correct.
    • The quiz is timed, and it prohibits backtracking.
    • Be sure to use a secure connection. I do not recommend that you use your phones.

  3. Timed Test

    This test has a time limit of 19 minutes.

  4. Timer Setting

    You will be notified when time expires, and you may continue or submit.

  5. Force Completion

    This test can be saved and resumed later. The timer will continue to run if you leave the test.

  6. Due Date

    This Test is due on September 18, 2015 7:00:00 AM EDT.

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    Begin to start: Narrative Quiz. Click 
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the redchevy.pdf

there is questions in the last of Shame by Dick and Salvation i want the answers