english composition 102 easy essay

Hey guys so this is my first time doing summer school and I really need help with this english composition class.

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The assignment:
Choose one piece of fiction that we have read in this learning
unit and explain how it connects or tells you about yourself or
those you have known.

Essays must
§ be between 2-3 pages (this means at least two full pages of
§ be typed (12 point Times New Roman font), double spaced,
and formatted using MLA format.
§ use the primary text to support your discussion.

(HERE ARE THE NAMES OF THE FICTION STORIES WE READ IN CLASS…just choose from the list of stories to write the essay on)

1.”The Story of an Hour

2. Karen Van Der Zee’s from A Secret Sorrow and Gail Godwin’s “A Sorrowful Woman.”

3.”A Rose for Emily

4. Edith Wharton’s “Roman Fever.”

5. “Saving Sourdi,” by May-Lee

(if you dont know or cant find any of these stories, look below and attached is the story of “roman fever” you shouldn’t have to read all of of it though to write this paper. I really dont care how the paper is done or as long as it meets the requirements and is a good essay.

means you must quote relevant passages from the text that
support the points you are making.

Make certain you
integrate these passages smoothly into your own prose and
document them using MLA format.
§ include a works cited page.