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Adam’s powers as the Anti-Christ finally realize themselves and the apocalypse begins. On the following pages, we get glimpses of Adam’s character:

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  • pgs 230-231
  • pgs 310-312
  • pgs 371-373

In at least three paragraphs, describe what Adam’s character is like in these pages using examples from the text to support your point.

To get the 10 points for the Quiz #10, discuss the following:

1. On page 372, everyone is expecting the Devil to show up. However, on page 373, Mr. Young shows up instead. He tells Adam to, “Come back here this instant!” but the text then says, “Adam seldom did what his father wanted” (page 373). That line has an incredible amount of weight for the text and can refer both to Adam’s character and to recurring themes within the text. What is the significance of that last line? (How does it provide insight into Adam’s character? How does it refer to themes? Hint: Which father is it referring to?)

The PDF Book attached to the file.