English 1302. You are to write on the role the ‘eye’ plays in The Tell-Tale Heart


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  1. ****These rules apply to this assignment only****1. MLA Format – Times New Roman, size 122. Minimum of 1 1/2 pages. However, if I am not sure if you have 1/2 a page I will print it out and measure. To be safe, try and get as close to 2 pages as you can.3. Can you write more than 1 1/2 pages? Yes, write until your heart’s desire. I do not mind.4. You are to write on the role the ‘eye’ plays in The Tell-Tale Heart. I have already written them on the board and will write them again.5. You do not have to use the examples that I have on the board as long as you prove your point.6. Do not use ANY outside sources. I will provide the ONLY source that you will need; it is the source that we have read from, and you will use it for your Works Cited page.7. This is the actual source and the only source allowed on your Works Cited page:https://americanenglish.state.gov/files/ae/resource_files/the_tell-tale_heart_0.pdfQuestions? send me an email at josephcollier@dcccd.edu
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