ENG 1101 Narration Essay 2-3 pages/ minimum 500 words

ENG 1101

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Essay 2: Narration

Draft Due: 6.16

Revision Due: 7.28

Length: 2-3 pages / minimum 500 words

For your second essay, you will narrate the events of the best day (or, if you would rather depress but perhaps ultimately impress or inspire your reader, your worst) you’ve yet experienced. Give a clear sense of why the day sticks with you. The events need not be life-changing (a wedding, graduation, funeral, et cetera), but even a day without a “grand” event can be important and powerfully enjoyable (or miserable).

Describe the day’s events in detail—we are building on Essay 1 here—but be sure to explain how the events built up into that feeling of the day being the best you’ve ever experienced (or, conversely, the worst). There should be a clear thesis—use the claim with reasons structure if at all possible to guide the reader into the essay—as well as clear descriptions and examples.